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OMCE Logo/Purpose & 12th C. Knight in Supplication

"OMCE" is the acronym for the complete name of the "Order of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica." The official shield of the Order with the rose and cross, and the acronym, as shown above, are the legal registered trademarks by which this Order can be recognized. The Order is not connected with any other organization today, except as provided for public projects.

The OMCE® was established by its Knight Commander Gary L. Stewart July 16,1990, with the stated purpose, "To make a spiritual state in a mundane world." The purpose is rooted in traditional esoteric history predating the Eleventh Century, Medieval Europe.

In 1095 A.D. the services of a small band of scruffy lay soldiers eventually developed, through a series of events, into a militia brotherhood referred to as the "Militia Christi" and the "Militia Evangelica." The militia was formally founded as a service brotherhood by Hugh de Payens and Geoffrey de St. Adhémar. They first called themselves the Poor Knights of Christ. Their brotherhood and vows of poverty were represented by a seal with two knights sharing one horse. For nine years, Hugh de Payens and his other eight original militia "warrior monks" and 25-30 followers continued to serve as a welfare agency, protecting pilgrims from thieves and murderers along the way in their journeys to Jerusalem.

They became involved in the First Crusade of 1096 with the objective of winning control of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, from the non-Christian, "infidel" Arab Moslems, who followed in the ways of the Master Mohammed. Through direct personal contact, no doubt, many of their own spiritual truths became respected by the militia consequently. For good service in winning control of Jerusalem, Hugh de Payens was given the House of Solomon, known as the Temple of Jerusalem. From this derived the reference to the militia as the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. Later the brotherhood became known as the Knights of Jerusalem and also, the Knights of the Temple or "KnightsTemplar."

In 1128 A.D. at the Council of Troyes, Bernard of Clairvaux, who had influenced Pope Honorous in a personal petition, gave the militia a rule to be recognized as an official Order of the Church of the Roman Empire, the "Knights Templar." Before the end of the Second Crusade, the spiritual objectives of the first nine warrior monks had been completed, and the Knights Templar continued on to express the purposes of their successors in the "Holy Crusades" that followed.

The OMCE is named today for that first militia brotherhood in tribute to the spiritual objectives of those nine, whose names comedown to us as Hugh de Payens, Geoffrey de St. Adhémar, who was his co-founder; Payen de Montdidier, Archambaud de St. Agnan, André de Montbard, Geoffrey Bisol (or Bisot, depending upon the handwriting), Rossal (or Roland), Gondemare, and a second Geoffrey, de St. Omer, who has understandably been confused with the first Geoffrey, due to the similarity of their names. Hugh of Champagne, the nobleman who provided the lands to Bernard of Clairvaux for the founding of the Cistercian Monastery near Troyes, was also the mentor to Hugh de Payens and Geoffrey de St. Adhémar.

On July 27, 1586, in Luneberg, Germany, the Cruce Signatorum Conventus was held to activate the Militia Crucifera Evangelica for the Sixteenth Century. The Convention was chronicled by Simon Studion in his work Naometria, and included representation from the Crowns of England, Denmark, France and Navarre. The activation of the MCE was to reactivate in a new body the surviving remnants of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem and to actualize the mystical and spiritual doctrinal teachings and practices of the western esoteric tradition. There was a need to present a system of the ancient knowledge to a world on the brink of religious crisis, following the advent of the printing press. Consequently, translations from Latin and Greek into the vernacular, of the Christian Bible and classic treasures could be made available to the masses.

The outer purpose of the MCE at that time was to protect the religious and mystical significance of the Cross and to prevent its use as an instrument of war. Secondly, the MCE was directed to peacefully promote religious freedom, freedom of thought, and freedom of inquiry. The inner purpose was to establish an exoteric body of Servants of Light to direct and guide humanity towards mystical enlightenment, drawing from the ancient, esoteric knowledge of the tradition.

Today, the Order of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica embraces and perpetuates the spiritual objectives of the movement referred to simply as "the western esoteric tradition." Not a military order at all in the physical sense, its brothers and sisters are militant only in their personal attitudes about maintaining and fostering spiritual principles in their lives. One very basic principle concerns the law that the ends do not justify the means in this Earth culture, humanity. Universal or natural laws and principles apply to everyone equally and operate with or without the knowledge and certainly without the control of any individual or group. The eternal quest for knowledge and truth follows the same inner pathway of the heart for all accordingly to natural law, regardless of gender, race, creed or origin. Each individual must be given total freedom to decide which path must be taken personally.

There are two types of membership of the OMCE:

1) Membership in the OMCE is solely by personal invitation of the Knight Commander. Members may recommend the name of someone to the Knight Commander, but invitation is at his discretion. Public invitations or advertisements for OMCE members are not made.

2) Membership in the Confraternity of the Rose Cross is available in English only and in these locations at this time: the USA/Canada, Australia/Asia, United Kingdom/Europe, and Brazil--to individuals expressing a sincere interest in the R+C tradition of esoteric study. CR+C fraternal membership is separate and distinct from OMCE fraternal membership. The CR+C preserves and perpetuates the Rosicrucian tradition under the spiritual authority and lineage of our Imperator Gary L. Stewart, through a plan he originally conceived in 1990 when he founded the OMCE. Our teachings will be distributed and ritual convocations held as a separate Order of the Confraternity of the Rose Cross. At this time we are accepting inquiries about details via our Email Box. If you or a friend or relative is interested in pursuing personal study in the Rosicrucian system, please send your name and postal address by email through this web site, so that you may receive information to become a CR+C brother or sister, and begin receiving our special archive series of teachings (in English) as soon as possible. (Note: Brothers and sisters of the OMCE who desire membership in the CR+C may indicate their interest and apply.)

The OMCE web site has been established as a service to its readers and especially as a vehicle for aspiring writers and graphic artists who contribute to the international electronic magazine, The Perspective ObjectiveTM. Writers and graphic artists have an open invitation to submit their original work for consideration. The work that is published by the magazine receives world wide visibility. Also, at the discretion of the writers/artists, their contact and copyright information will be included with publication, so that every reader may know where to contact them for possible republication or for additional work that maybe generated here for these writers and artists. There is no monetary compensation offered nor to be expected in return for publication.

Contributing writers and graphic artists need not be members of the OMCE. Consideration is by content and presentation, without regard to gender, race, national origin, creed or membership in any esoteric organization. For additional information, please click Selection #7 on our Home Page menu for the Editor's Guidelines for Writers/Artists, and Selection #9 for important Copyright Information.

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