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Rosicrucians: Then and Now.

Perhaps we can view history as a quaint enactment of an unsophisticated time. Perhaps we can look at the writers of the Fama, or Jacob Boehme, Robert Fludd, John Heydon and countless others as people who wanted to inspire change in a society that today has little to do with us.

They envisioned the freedom for all to pursue a spiritual life. They wanted to free people's minds and hearts from the shackles of their time so that an awakening could someday, if not then, be realized.

This day of the Aurora announces a new dawning in the red morning. It promises a new revelation in the hearts of humanity. Yet, the awakening is not new at all, but rather reveals the same power that has been the motion throughout the spiritual history of humanity. There are certain essentials of the human soul that remained unchanged. The needs of society, collectively and individually, are the same at the deepest level as they have always been. It is the outward demands of the natural world that change. They entice, distract and confound us in new and different ways.

However, no matter in what period of time, no matter how seductive the distractions, people feel that inner urge to find peace. They desire that oneness with the flawless, and abiding truth that penetrates and nourishes all life and that is the source of all life.

Our work as Rosicrucians has always been to reveal the spiritual world in our daily lives, and to remind ourselves and others the art of unwavering attention to God, the Absolute.

We are entering a new cycle of this activity. The work of the mystic is as important today as it was for our predecessors long ago. Love is not an abstraction or a sentiment: it is the truth manifest.

In preparation for this day of the Aurora, we have revealed the symbol for all to see: the Red Rose upon the Cross of Gold. The Cross stretched upward and outward, revealing the secret of the Rose which one day reconciles in us all the love and pain. Remember, it only requires one awakened soul to light the pure flame in the heart of another.

With all good wishes for Peace Profound.
(first published for the 1994 International Convention held in Dallas, Tx)

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