The School of Soul Science

THE SPIRIT and teachings of our philosophy in The School of Soul Science have come down to us through the ages-from the Ancient Schools and Initiates of old (men learned in Spiritual Laws). These Initiates and their Order have never ceased to exist.

The grandest achievements in knowledge ever gained by man originally were concealed in what was, and is, known as the Ancient Mysteries. This knowledge was purposely veiled in order to conceal it from the unworthy. It was written in a universal language of symbolism so that it might be understood by every Initiate throughout the ages. This wisdom has never been lost; even during the periods of greatest moral degeneracy, there were those faithful to their vows and to their mission, who guarded well the Great Secret.

This Ancient Wisdom, dealing as it does, with every department of man's welfare-health, wealth, well-being and his highest Spiritual development, is the fountain from whence all philosophies have taken their root. Numerous efforts to ascertain and interpret these Mysteries have been made by men of all nations in every age-but unless they were true Initiates, possessing the Key, their attempts resulted in confusion and failure. The interpretations have been as various and fantastic as the genius of each investigator, and numerous creeds, dogmas and clandestine organizations have risen as a result.

To those satisfied with the mere outer semblance of life, the above statements will be of little importance-but to those earnestly seeking for the saving truth and the unlocking of the mysteries, which will give them mental, spiritual and physical freedom, it is of utmost interest. It will reveal to them the goal and true meaning of human evolution and give them the assurance that the betterment (natural evolution) of the race is now being aided by those who know.

Soul Science offers a genuine Spiritual concept; the first grand exposition of the Divine Law as known to those Masters of men-the Initiates-a concept handed down to us of today who believe that the Law demands reimbursement for every act that is not cooperative-to the benefit of both actor and those acted upon.

In all ages and instances, the teachings of the Initiates have considered man's four-fold interests-the right and ennobling use of his every inborn faculty. Never have they taught that God (or the Creative Law) gave man any part of his being, or any one of his faculties, for non-use. Right use is the Law of man's being, and only complete obedience to the Law can bring about the highest degree of development.

What Soul Science Instruction Offers

Soul Science offers you a practical religion, a true Spiritual concept, not a creed; a workable everyday philosophy. You will be taught Divine Laws. These Laws are absolute and cannot fail.

Soul Science places power at the disposal of all true men and women; grants them the means for gaining wisdom, strength and sufficiency (prosperity in the activities of life). It leads them to the realm of love and harmony. All this is brought about by the orderly unfoldment of that potentiality which is within every real man and woman.

The study of Soul Science and Divine Laws need not interfere with your present church affiliation. In fact you will attain a sense of evaluation that should enable you to derive more from your church-by being able to contribute more in the way of constructive wisdom and service.

The course of Instruction in Soul Science and Divine Laws is furnished to students through several different types or channels of Service. In the expert opinion of Educators, Teachers, Writers and Ministers who have examined the Program, it offers a well balanced plan for achieving the results sought. The instructions at this time are available only in the English language and consist of the following features:

Printed Lesson Units

There are 104 printed lesson units in the complete Course. These are mailed to the student at the rate of one every week. Each lesson is to be carefully read, studied and applied to the fullest extent possible, as received.

Progress Reports to School

With each lesson unit there is included a "Student's Progress Report Blank." In order to obtain the greater benefit from the study of the lessons it is highly advisable that these Reports be filled out and mailed to the School; where they will be carefully analyzed-the student's progress noted-and filed as a part of his permanent record. In each case where it is deemed advisable by the Instruction Staff, an "Instructor's Commentary Report" will be sent to the student, making such necessary comment, criticism or suggestion as may be required.

Library of Textbooks

For supplementary study and reference there is available to each student a library of many sacred instructive textbooks from the Works of Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer and other Arcane Masters. These instructive textbooks form an important part of the basic study of the entire course. They will be highly prized by any sincere student. A list of these along with specific recommendations will be sent with the first lessons.


Throughout the instruction program there will be included from time to time Special Instructions having to do with the use of certain Sacred Mantras, Healing Practices and Systems of Breathing and Practice. The following of these Practices is most important as they help toward attaining Soul Awakening and Spiritual Development. They constitute a great part of what might be termed the laboratory work of the instructions.

Instruction Consultation

It has been our purpose to prepare all lesson material and texts in a manner that they can be easily understood with proper study application. However, should any question arise regarding any part of the instructional material which the student does not fully understand, he is privileged to write the School for further explanations. It is intended, however, that this special service is not to be abused or resorted to until after the student has made every effort by himself to find the probable temporarily hidden meaning, through his own intuitive thinking. This very process is often actually needed for his own development. Such personal victories always bring rewarding satisfaction and inner growth.

Classes and Seminars

Should the student reside in a locality where there are a sufficient number of interested students to warrant it-Classes and Seminars are sometimes conducted. This gives a collective opportunity to have questions discussed under the personal guidance of the Headmaster or other competent leader. These are generally enthusiastic and often productive gatherings. It should be thoroughly borne in mind that these Class gatherings are in no way a substitute for the regular individual home study program.

Private Consultation

To the extent that time is available, students will be granted the privilege of consulting privately and confidentially with the Headmaster, or other qualified Staff Member of the School, relative to problems of a personal nature. Sympathetic and diligent consideration will always be given to all such problems, with the object of being as helpful as possible. Such consultations may be held by phone or by protected E-Mail.

Conditions For Enrollment

The requirements are not unreasonable. The Brotherhood is composed of practical men and women and its members must be possessed of logic and reason. There is neither mystery nor subterfuge as far as enrollment is concerned. It presupposes that all seekers are just and fair and that they recognize the first great Law-the Law of Compensation.

You may send for a comprehensive brochure and application information on this or any of our other Spiritual Scholarships by sending a request for such information and application to:

The Beverly Hall Corporation
P.O. Box 220
Quakertown, PA 18951

(Please note: All requests are held in the strictest confidence. We will not sell your name, nor will we contact you again unless you first contact us.)


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