April 10, 1994

Section 1 - TITLE AND JURISDICTION This College, acting under a dispensation issued 9 November 1992 by Supreme Magus Joseph S. Lewis, IX of The High Council, shall be known as California College, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis. Its jurisdiction shall cover the State of California. California College cannot lawfully receive a proposal for membership for a Candidate residing outside of the State of California without consent of the College which has jurisdiction over the State of his residence.

Section 2 - OFFICERS The officers of this College shall be styled and take rank as follows:

1 - Chief Adept

2 - Celebrant

3 - Suffragan

4 - Secretary/Treasurer

5 - First Ancient

6 - Second Ancient

7 - Third Ancient

8 - Fourth Ancient

9 - Conductor of Novices

10 - Organist

11 - First Herald

12 - Second Herald

13 - Torch Bearer

14 - Guardian of the Caverns

15 - Medallist

16 - Acolyte

The Chief Adept is appointed by the Supreme Magus, ad vitam. He is subject to removal by the same power or by The High Council. The Celebrant, Secretary/Treasurer and four Ancients shall be elected each year at the Annual Convocation by ballot, and a majority of votes cast shall constitute election. The officers shall be inducted into office the day of election. To be eligible for office a Frater must have attained the Fourth Grade. All officers shall hold their respective offices until their successors are elected and installed. The remaining officers are appointed by the Chief Adept. There is no line or order of progression among either the elected or appointed officers.

Section 3 - MEMBERSHIP LIMIT In conformity with ancient usage, there may not be more than seventy-two (72) members in this college. Each shall have voice and vote in the matters pertaining to the College, so far as such matters pertain to the rank of the Frater.

Section 4 - CANDIDATES No Aspirant shall be admitted to membership in this College unless he be a Master Mason of good moral character, intelligent and possessing a mind free from prejudice and anxious for instruction. He must be a resident of the State of California.

The name of an Aspirant may be proposed by any member of the college. The Aspirant's name shall be submitted to the members for scrutiny by the Secretary/Treasurer not less than ten days prior to the Convocation at which he will be inducted into the Society. Unanimous consent of those present is necessary in each Order for admission thereto. Written objection, made to the Chief Adept, shall be sufficient cause for withdrawal of the proposal for membership. All Aspirants must be of the Christian faith.

A Candidate rejected by a College having jurisdiction over him may not be received in California College without the consent of the one by which he was rejected.

This College and its members shall not recognize as a Rosicrucian any person whose residence is within the jurisdiction of The High Council for the United States of America, who shall, while residing in the USA, receive the grades in some other jurisdiction, without having first obtained the consent of the College having jurisdiction over him, or of one of the three Ruling Magi of The High Council for the United States of America.

Section 5 - THE THREE ORDERS This College has control over, and power to confer:

(A) the four Grades of the FIRST ORDER, which are:

I° - Zelator

II° - Theoricus

III° - Practicus

IV° - Philosophus

(B) the three Grades of the SECOND ORDER, which are:

V° - Adeptus Minor

VI° - Adeptus Major

VII° - Adeptus Exemptus

The two Grades of the THIRD ORDER, which are VIII° Magister Templi and IX° Magus are official grades and are conferred only by The High Council. The Fratres of the THIRD ORDER are all members of The High Council.

Section 6 - QUORUM Not less than FIVE shall constitute a quorum in the FIRST ORDER and not less than THREE shall constitute a Quorum in the SECOND ORDER.

Section 7 - CONVOCATIONS California College shall hold an Annual Convocation each year between 1 April and 30 June. The Annual Convocation will be held in the Southern portion of the State in even numbered years and in the Northern portion of the State in odd numbered years. A collation at the Annual Convocation is obligatory. Additional Convocations shall be held quarterly, with two in each calendar year being held in the Southern portion of the State and two each calendar year in the Northern portion of the State. The Chief Adept may direct the holding of a Convocation in a specific location when, in his sole opinion, it is most advisable to do so.

Section 8 - MOTTO Every Frater shall, on admission into this College, choose a Latin motto which will be registered with the Secretary-General by the Secretary of the College with the Annual return. Should it appear that the motto is already chosen by a living Frater in this College, another must be selected. After the motto is once registered by the Secretary-General is may not afterwards be changed under any pretext.

Section 9 - FEES The fee for admission, and for the conferring of the Grades of the first two Orders shall be one hundred dollars ($100.) Annual dues, in the amount of $30.00, are due and payable on or before the first day of January of each year. Fratres delinquent in their dues for more than one year shall be dropped from membership in the College.

Section 10 - RIGHTS OF ADVANCEMENT Candidates elected to the First or the Second Order shall be entitled to all the Grades of such Order.

Section 11 - CHIEF ADEPT He shall have the general superintendence of all affairs pertaining to the College; he shall preside at all convocations thereof, at his sole will and pleasure. He shall appoint all committees, and be ex-officio, chairman of same. He shall discharge all the duties prescribed for him by the Constitution, Ordinances, Regulations, Rituals and usages of the Order. In his absence, the Celebrant shall preside, and thereupon have equal authority as if he were Chief Adept, subject to appeal to the Chief Adept and The High Council. The presiding officer may convoke the College at any time he may deem necessary.

Section 12 - CELEBRANT AND SUFFRAGAN They shall respectively discharge the several duties prescribed for them in the rituals of the Order. In the absence of the Chief Adept and Celebrant, the Suffragan, for the time being, shall succeed to the Presidency.

Section 13 - SECRETARY/TREASURER He shall convene the College by written notification to all the Fratres at least ten days prior to the Convocation date. He shall submit to the Fratres the names of all proposed Aspirants for their scrutiny. He shall keep the minutes of the College, register all of the members, their mottoes, and dates of admission to each grade, and receive all fees, dues and subscriptions which shall be deposited in an account in the name of California College, SRICF maintained in a federally Or state chartered financial institution having FDIC/FSLIC/SIPC insurance on deposits. He shall pay out College funds upon a warrant signed by the Chief Adept. His accounts shall be audited at the Annual Convocation by the Ancients. He shall, within ten days after the Annual Convocation, transmit a certificate of the election of the Officers of the College to the Secretary-General of The High Council, with the post office address of the Presiding Officer and Secretary. He shall prepare an annual return to The High Council, in duplicate, embracing the transactions for the fiscal year ending the 30th of June, and shall state the Latin motto for each new Frater. One copy shall be forwarded to the Secretary-General on or before the first day of August in each year and the other shall be filed in the records of the College. He shall act under the direction of the Chief Adept.

Section 14 - FOUR ANCIENTS They shall assist their superiors in all matters of ritual and ceremony, and instruct their Fratres in the science and philosophy of Rosicrucianism.

Section 15 - CONDUCTOR OF NOVICES He shall examine and prepare all Aspirants and conduct them in accordance with the forms of the ritual.

Section 16 - FIRST AND SECOND HERALDS They shall have charge of the ballot, and otherwise generally assist the Conductor of Novices, as provided in the ritual and ceremonies; and see that proper silence and order are observed, and the caverns protected from the unworthy.

Section 17 - GUARDIAN OF THE CAVERNS He shall have charge of the entrances of the caverns, and a general supervision of the Acolyte in his relation thereto. The duty of tiling the several Orders must be strictly enforced.

Section 18 - ACOLYTE He shall act as outer guard, under the immediate direction of the Celebrant, through the Guardian of the Caverns. He shall likewise have the care of all properties, paraphernalia and furniture of the College, and shall set them forth and remove the same as occasion may require and as directed by the Celebrant.

Section 19 - DISCIPLINE All Fratres of California College shall be amenable to the College. Any member disciplined may appeal to The High Council within six months, where the sentence may be revised; pending such final action, the penalty awarded by the College shall be effective. California College shall have jurisdiction over a nonaffiliate residing in California.

Section 20 - COLLEGE DISSOLUTION If this College be temporarily interdicted or permanently dissolved, the officers thereof shall forthwith deposit their Dispensation or Charter, Ordinances, Regulations and all manuscripts and printed papers, moneys and properties appertaining to the College, with the Secretary-General, that the same may be deposited in the archives of The High Council for safe-keeping, the monies deposited in the Society's treasury.

Section 21 - AMENDMENTS These Ordinances and Regulations may not be changed or amended except by the consent of a majority of the Fratres of California College, duly assembled in regular Convocation.


Adopted by unanimous vote April 10, 1994 at Burbank, California.