Manifestations of the Neo-Rosicrucian Current

This provisional list of modern Rosicrucian groups has been drawn up by Frater Melchior, and reflects the judgements and views of his personal research. Both the author and the alchemy web site would welcome any amendments or additions to this listing. Further details of some of these organisations can be found at the website organised by Frater Melchior and in his forthcoming book on the subject.
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Keep in mind that there exists several other RC groups in addition to those listed here. Some are less known or even dissolved, others do not externally use the name "Rosicrucian". However, the groups listed and briefly described above, are probably the most reputable representants of the neo-Rosicrucian current of this century. I do believe that each tree planted shall be judged by their fruits rather than roots, so if any of these organisations serves a good purpose, there is no problem in them existing, despite the fact that many of them apply the term and symbol of the Rose Cross without any historical validity.

The author sincerely wishes to thank several people for their kind support and assistance. You know who you are, and so does God....

© 1997 Frater Melchior Affectator F.R.C.